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RE: Toolkits (GNOME, (Free)Qt, Motif/LessTif)

řann 29-Mar-98 skrifar Erik Walthinsen:
>>   I cannot for the life of me, see any gain in one more library project,
>> not one bit.
> Nor can I, which is why I intend to support GNOME (along with everyone 
> else).  FreeQt would be nice, but I'm not banking on it.
  On that subject, I'd probably I'd support what you said about LessTif.

> This is an extension of the Core/Layers concept into the UI, which I would 
> go for 100%, but only if it is done *RIGHT*.  This means that all affected 
> parties must have a say in what happens, both in standards and in code.  
  IMO, this is the most important part... and I agree, it must be done right,
with all parties involved.  And the sooner it is begun, the better.

> I would like to know precisely *why* you are so against GNOME, actually.
  I'm absolutely not *against* GNOME... far from it.  There are two things
that strike me hard on that subject.  The first is that it is created with
a *scheme* like layer, and that other api is done against that layer.  This
is a very negative part, which also has been pointed out on the gnome
mailing list by others, but without any satisfying result.  The other part,
is that there isn't (yet) any gui builder application.  IMO, that is one
of the core concepts, especially since GNOME is built with the api layer
it is.  Most people could accept the layer, as a temporary part, if they could
have an easy tool to start building their applications.

  My point is, that I don't see commercial vendors and professional
programmers putting themselves into a scheme like GUI api, to make an
application for Linux.  If the API was a C like API, even if that is
an old concept... then it would be different.  It would be much more
useful, to a much vider group... second in row would be a native C++
API.  These are the languages, that Commercial vendors use to build
most of their applications.  And most vendors want their applications
to have a certain performance rate... I mean, I wouldn't produce an
application for Linux on an API that would actually *require* my
application to be run on a Pentium 133+ minimum to actually work.  As
on my old 486/66, GNOME was less than useless...

  The truth is, I am definately not *against* GNOME... I'm more
dissapointed.  I'd really like to see GNOME evolve and to actually
code in it... and I think I should, to get an indept look at the

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