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XDM hacking

This is getting interesting.  I'm hacking away in the code for XDM trying 
to get it to fail out a server when it dies, rather than when XDM times out 
connecting to it.

I added some more debugging, and found some interesting stuff.  The 
resource (startAttempts) is set correctly, but the d->startTries variable, 
which is incremented at every attempt and should stop XDM when it overflows 
past startAttempts, is getting reset somewhere.  It starts at 0, goes to 1, 
and never makes it past there.  Thus, if startAttempts is set to 2, all is 
well and everything works perfectly.  Anything more than that and you're 

I'm now going to try to track down this problem, but the basic fix is 
working flawlessly.  If the server fails for any reason, it tries one more 
time, then removes the server.

The next thing I'm going to try to do is add a resource for a command to 
run when the display is removed.  Then we'll have the hook needed to enter 
recovery mode.

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