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Re: XDM... source level

Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> > How about a button on the XDM login screen that says simply "go to
> > command line with no X support ?"
> There are really two or three reasons and ways to do this.  If you just
> want to play a non-X game, you can spawn it on a separate VT and just
> switch to that.  If you want to drop to text-mode on the console for
> hacking reasons, you can either comment out the local server from Xservers
> and -HUP XDM (messy), or just switch VT's.
I hate to keep mentioning KDE on this grope but they keep coming up :)
I just had a Look at KDM ( yes a KDEised version of XDM ),  It has a 
"shutdown" button that pops up  a list of 4 options ( ShutDown, Shutdown
and Restart, Exit KDM, and of course cancel ).
They don't work properly ( on my system where XDM starts the RedHat 
desktop anyway ) but the concept is good.
BTW it also has a list of users represented by labeled icons with root
having a different appearance from the others.  You can simply click
user ( or type in the name ) then enter the password or click "Go" if
don't have one.  There are probably a million security reasons to not
this in a traditional *nix setting, but when Linux is running in Windows
like jobs ( Most desks in any office, or at home ) there is no need for 
REAL security at this level ( You could even disable remote logins
( although this is a bad option as far as admins are concerned ... And
we do want to be nice to them :)
> I got a 19" B&W X terminal from work for $20.  Lots of companies are
> getting rid of old hardware, X terminals included, and they're usually
> quite cheap.  Personally, I want to figure out how to get in on these
> firesales, but then again I don't really have the time.
too bad.  Jamaica came to the computer age late.  There are very few 
Companies here that have ever used an X Terminal ... And all the old
would go to employees like you :)

"Through the firewall, out the router, down the T1, across the
backbone, bounced from satellite, Nothing but net."