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Re: Wilderness Survival

> 2. RedHat already has a 'workstation' style installation which installs
>    only workstation style packages and also repartitions non-destructivly
>    automatically. I think this could be expanded upon to make
>    installations more automated. One possiblity is to snatch hardware
>    information directly from Windows (though, who would trust Windows with
>    their hardware? ;) Another thing is to make more assumptions about the
>    hardware. Be able to go into expert mode where you select everything
>    manually, but in default mode you assume things like US-101 key
>    keyboard, IDE HD and CD-ROM, no PCMCIA (I can just see ppl during the
>    install, "What's PCMCIA"? :) no SCSI adapters, very vanilla. Of course,
>    I'd like to be able to modify and create my own install disks with my
>    own default, maybe load configuartion from a file (Insert Disk with
>    Configuration File...)

RH also has a kickstart-file that you can use to automate most or all
of the installation. I haven't tried it yet, still trying to find the time
to update our computer labs and try using the kickstart-file in that.
It can set the packages to be installed, answer most of the questions etc.
See RH's docs for more info.


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