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Re: seul-edu project updates

Ramin Miraftabi wrote:
> > Also still working on the airline simulator, though I haven't much for
> > the last week or so because of the math program.  I'm adding an economic
> > simulator for 0.0.3.  It's getting close I think...  Sort of
> > rudimentary, but it doesn't need to be advanced for a project like this.
> Don't know what the airline simulator is you're working on, but have you
> seen http://www.menet.umn.edu/~curt/fgfs/, The Flight Gear Flight
> Simulator?

Nope, this is an airline oriented business simulator.  Here's the
Airsim (still unnamed - this isn't official!) is a cutthroat business
simulator focusing on the airline industry.  It is intended to be
in the spirit of the old Railroad Tycoon games, but with planes.  The
has to find the most efficient way to move the most people where they
to go.  Of course, things get in your way -- like lack of money, natural
disasters, and strikes.

There will be heavy exposure to the financial side of the industry. 
will be able to raise money by issuing stock and/or bonds, each of which
has advantages and disadvantages.  Players will be able to buy stock in
competitor airlines, and if someone acquires >50% of the stock of a
he or she will have the option of acquiring the airline and merging the

Competition will be fierce.  Residents are picky.  Some people prefer
lowest fares, while others want to get from point A to point B as
as possible.  Some refuse to fly on an airline with a poor safety
You, of course, must please as many people as possible.

Airlines will also compete for limited resources.  In this case, gates
at major airports will probably be the hot items.  Gates are limited,
the number of flights you can have depends on how many gates you