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k12admin Project Status

Hasn't been much change in the k12admin project.  I've been working a bit
on javascript integration as well as on generation of shares for school
groups.  These shares have a class folder which is read-writeable by the
teacher and read-only for students.  There is also a drop box where
students can submit assignments, but can't read other student's work, and
a public area where students can exchange files with each other.  These
group shares are only accessible by members of that group.

I'm just starting to get teachers using these group shares and am working
some of the kinks out.  Some teachers wanted access to student home dirs,
so I added links to the home dirs of students in the local groups shares. 
Also, the permissions on drop boxes are different for Windows and
Macintosh shares, so I need to work out that little wrinkle as well.

I distributed a copy of the code to one person in Saskatchewan, but I
don't think he's managed to untangle it all yet, which probably means I
need to spend some time doing house cleaning/documenting in a few places.

If anyone else wants a copy, drop me a line.