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Re: seul-edu project updates

Doug Loss wrote:

> Each of you is listed as a project leader for one or more seul-edu projects.
> Could you take a little time and update the mailing list on the status of your
> project(s) please?  Let us know where you stand, what future efforts you'll be
> making, and what help you could use.

The Linux Educational Needs Posting Pages http://www.slip.net/~brk/linuxedpp.htm  are
getting a good bit of traffic,  an average of 15 distinct user accesses each day.
This is encouraging as it suggests we are linked from lots of different locations.

We could use a few of you to offer up some SCHOOLS in your area that you have a
discourse with.  I think we could see some additions to the postings if we were to
list these "local to you schools" as having a generic need for local assistance.
This would allow for a larger list of schools in wide geographic regions and
hopefully add some validity to this project.

I recently posted a response to another FWD by Doug Loss, and added a paragraph
titled Guilt Trip.  I repeat it below for commentary...
I want to apply the proper level of guilt to the Linux Community as it passes through
my pages, but I DON'T want to seriously offend anyone.

Please comment,

Guilt trip below.

Please pass this request around to others on your PERSONAL email
lists.  We really have a need for the "GNU Generation" but there are
few places for them to learn.  Do you want your kids learning about
computers from a bunch of MSCE wannabe's that think "Linux"
carries a security blanket?  That is worse than learning "about IT in
the gutters of a computer lab."   As many of us thought that
computing required a machine and software from SEARS, or machine
time begged, borrowed or stolen from a major university or secret
government lab until.... SOMEONE told us about LINUX.  We asked
questions, then hacked, crashed and asked again.  Please return back
to the community as you are able.