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Re: seul-edu project updates

You want comments?  Quit wasting our time about this page!  The only
thing worse is the mail about not buying gas for one day.

Bill Ries-Knight wrote:
> Doug Loss wrote:
> > Each of you is listed as a project leader for one or more seul-edu projects.
> > Could you take a little time and update the mailing list on the status of your
> > project(s) please?  Let us know where you stand, what future efforts you'll be
> > making, and what help you could use.
> The Linux Educational Needs Posting Pages http://www.slip.net/~brk/linuxedpp.htm  are
> getting a good bit of traffic,  an average of 15 distinct user accesses each day.
> This is encouraging as it suggests we are linked from lots of different locations.
> We could use a few of you to offer up some SCHOOLS in your area that you have a
> discourse with.  I think we could see some additions to the postings if we were to
> list these "local to you schools" as having a generic need for local assistance.
> This would allow for a larger list of schools in wide geographic regions and
> hopefully add some validity to this project.
> I recently posted a response to another FWD by Doug Loss, and added a paragraph
> titled Guilt Trip.  I repeat it below for commentary...
> I want to apply the proper level of guilt to the Linux Community as it passes through
> my pages, but I DON'T want to seriously offend anyone.
> Please comment,
> Bill
> Guilt trip below.
> Please pass this request around to others on your PERSONAL email
> lists.  We really have a need for the "GNU Generation" but there are
> few places for them to learn.  Do you want your kids learning about
> computers from a bunch of MSCE wannabe's that think "Linux"
> carries a security blanket?  That is worse than learning "about IT in
> the gutters of a computer lab."   As many of us thought that
> computing required a machine and software from SEARS, or machine
> time begged, borrowed or stolen from a major university or secret
> government lab until.... SOMEONE told us about LINUX.  We asked
> questions, then hacked, crashed and asked again.  Please return back
> to the community as you are able.