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Re: seul-edu project updates

Daniel P. Kionka wrote:
> You want comments?  Quit wasting our time about this page!  The only
> thing worse is the mail about not buying gas for one day.
> Bill Ries-Knight wrote:
> >
> > I recently posted a response to another FWD by Doug Loss, and added a paragraph
> > titled Guilt Trip.  I repeat it below for commentary...
> > Please comment,
> > Bill

I don't know what mail about not buying gas for one day you're talking
about, but I think Bill's Linux Educational Needs Posting Pages are a
very good idea.  If he can actually get them to the point where needs
and abilities are routinely posted and acted upon (and this is where
_our_ help can be very useful) they can be a great tool to make Linux
more acceptable in education.

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