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Re: QZB Re: seul-edu project updates

In message <Pine.LNX.4.00.9904061731470.2568-100000@rsuzi.pgu.karelia.ru>, 
 rnd@sampo.karelia.ru writes:
>It seems that QZB project is in  deep  sleep,  because  in  the
>current circumstances I can't get enough time to learn XML  and
>make QZB a piece of code which  will  need  further  help  from
>others (and thus start to be true Open Source project!).

Please take a few moments and write down some things that you would
like to learn about XML. Specifically, I have a couple people in
debian-doc who want to write howto's about XML, and they're interested
in knowing what people want to know after they've read the howto.

So basically, I can get somebody to write a document that will walk
you through learning XML specifically for the QZB project, if you tell
me the sorts of things you want to know.

(This goes for other people here too.)