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Re: QZB Re: seul-edu project updates

On Thu, 8 Apr 1999, Roger Dingledine wrote:

>In message <Pine.LNX.4.00.9904061731470.2568-100000@rsuzi.pgu.karelia.ru>, 
> rnd@sampo.karelia.ru writes:

>Please take a few moments and write down some things that you would
>like to learn about XML. Specifically, I have a couple people in
>debian-doc who want to write howto's about XML, and they're interested
>in knowing what people want to know after they've read the howto.
>So basically, I can get somebody to write a document that will walk
>you through learning XML specifically for the QZB project, if you tell
>me the sorts of things you want to know.

Thank you!

I need to know some philosophical things for a start:

1. How could I make my work easier with XML as compared to some
other data format? ("Why XML?") -- 1 page of text ;-)

2. Are there any GPLed, fast and relaible XML parsers (which  I
could embed) and how they help me with task No. 1.  (I  do  not
want to add a forest of rpms to be able to run QZB with help of
some exotic Haskel interpreter).

3. What are all those DTDs and if I develop yet another ML, are
there any tools which will convert it  into  specific  actions.
For example, quiz data stored in (to be built)  QZB  data  file
needs  to  be  interpreted,  turned  into  actions  of   asking
questions, storing answers, mailing forms, etc.

4. Are there any tools which could be  used  to  create  QZB-ML
files by 'point and click' users?

5. How can I add non-text files (GIF, WAV, MOV...) into the set
of QZB-ML documents?

6. What does XML-aware browser do? ow could it be used for good?

Of course,


for more generality.

After that go some specific questions, which will depend
on the tools which will be in use.

Sincerely yours, Roman Suzi
Russia * Karelia * Petrozavodsk
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