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Re: QZB Re: seul-edu project updates

On Fri, Apr 09, 1999 at 11:45:47AM +0200, Odile B?nassy wrote:

> For Promath development I will be using a chain such as:
> sql-db(back) + middleware(like php,odbc,jdbc) + html(front) 
> So: how much is XML going to upset this scheme ?

it does not upset the scheme.  You need to store the data in some format or 
other for Promath.  some sort of XML could be that format.

> How should data be stored ?

like you said: in sql-db

> How are they retrieved ?

if you were to store the XML in flat textfiles, you can extract with XQL or 
sgrep or other standard tools for extracting XML being developped these days.

if you store it in an sql-db, then first extract it via sql and then maybe 
apply XQL if needed.

> With what degree of performance (size, access speed) ?

flat textfiles are slow if huge compared to sql-db.  :-)