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Re: A new project for educational software

> Hello. I'm administrating a project for writing new programs and educational
> texts under GPL (OPL for texts).  I hope we can cooperate, I'll put a link to
> your site on my page.
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> <mailto:eof@hem.utfors.se>
> Educational Free Software - http://hem.fyristorg.com/edufs/
Thanks for dropping me a note about your project. I checked out your site,
and it looks like there are a lot of similarities with the seul-edu site and
the seul project in general.

Specifically, your mission statement includes:

* developing educational software. We've got a large list of projects being
  worked on by the seul-edu people (www.seul.org/edu/projects.html) as well
  as some other educational projects being hosted (www.drgeo.seul.org, 
  www.qvocab.seul.org), and we have space to fit many more.

* "Get GNU/Linux to the people." This is seul's goal in a nutshell, except we
  also want to make it more suitable for the people in the process.

* Free software is better. Well, yeah. :)

You mention on your front-page that you need help setting up a mailing list
and a CVS repository. While I can set up both of these for you, I invite you
instead to join the seul-edu@seul.org mailing list (mail majordomo@seul.org
with body 'subscribe seul-edu'); you can also use our cvs repository if you

It looks like you're working on some documents describing putting Linux
into schools -- one of the main purposes of the seul project these days
is to draft and publicize advocacy documents, howto's, etc.

Some examples:

In addition to the seul educational project, we also have many other projects
going on, like www.wxftp.seul.org (graphical ftp client), 
www.independence.seul.org (extended redhat5.2 distribution oriented towards
end-users), www.geda.seul.org (tools for automating electronic design), etc.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you think merging the
projects is reasonable.
The seul-edu archives are at www.seul.org/archives/seul/edu.

--Roger (SEUL leader)