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Re: QZB Re: seul-edu project updates

Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
> > So basically, I can get somebody to write a document that will walk
> > you through learning XML specifically for the QZB project, if you tell
> > me the sorts of things you want to know.
> >
> I want to know what is exactly an XML parser.
> What I need to do if I want to have XML file format for Dr Geo : I mean
> how far can help a parser in my application.
I agree with this, and would also like to get a clearer understanding of
how the XML data ought to be stored.  Should they be in a flat text
file, or go through some translation mode and be stored in a database? 
I looked at the Casbah Project a while ago and read about their Natroun
server component, but I confess that I didn't fully understand it.

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