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Re: visual basic virtual machine

Roger Dingledine wrote:
> "run visual basic programs on unix, without recompiles."
> http://SoftworksLtd.com/
I had looked at this a little while ago.  If it works well it could be a
reasonable short-term solution to the problem of locally developed VB
apps keeping places from trying Linux.  However, those apps would still
be VB, requiring MS VB to maintain or modify them.  Unless you can
convert the VB apps to something Linux-native, you won't be able to get
away from MS.  I still think it would be a wonderful project if someone
would start up a VB to Perl/Tk, Tcl/Tk, or Python (with tkinter)
translator.  Actually, I think it would be wonderful if all three of
these were started.  I know I'm not up to it at the moment, although I'm
planning on taking up Python one of these days.

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