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qvocab bugreports

I grabbed qvocab 0.20.2 from qvocab.seul.org and built it on my Debian
(slink) box. I needed qt, so I installed version 1.40-1.1 via Debian's
This is newer than the 1.3x that qvocab's configure appears to check for.

I recommend in the 'input' window, you use "add" and "done" rather than
"ok" and "cancel" as the button choices. I feel like I shouldn't have to
"cancel" unless I made a wrong choice somewhere.

In the 'asking words...' dialog, clicking the "1. Language" box at the
top makes me guess the first language while the second one is given, *not*
the second while the first is given, as the little yellow description of
that window indicates. This is an easy patch.

While I was asking myself a word, I clicked 'edit', and then chose
'delete', and it bombed out:

bash-2.01$ qvocab
chainPtr: 0x80a9c10
FATAL: No matching entry found in changearray()


This wasn't repeatable, though.

Another feature that would be useful would be reverting to the state the db
had when I started. (Or, it would be useful to manually  save the db).
I noticed that words kept sliding around from level to level, and I don't
always want them where they end up (I might want to repeat the whole
exercise, for instance). Which leads me to another feature request: how do I
grab words, or groups of words or even whole levels, and move them to a
different level?

And finally, what is that binary file format you have? Have you considered
using ascii?

It looks good overall, though there were a couple of unrepeatable seg
faults that felt like they were due to the newer version of qt. I'll let
you know if I track them further.

I've cc'ed this to seul-edu in case other people want to grab qvocab,
give it a whirl, and write up a little feedback thing like this. QT rpm's
(if you use redhat 5.x) are available at