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Re: qvocab bugreports


On Sun, Apr 18, 1999 at 02:58:54PM -0400, Roger Dingledine wrote:
> I grabbed qvocab 0.20.2 from qvocab.seul.org and built it on my Debian
> (slink) box. I needed qt, so I installed version 1.40-1.1 via Debian's
> apt-get.
> This is newer than the 1.3x that qvocab's configure appears to check for.

Well, it should not matter whether you use qt 1.3x or qt 1.4x. The only
difference I've noticed with qvocab is that the layout stuff has been
changed. I don't know why but some labels are aligned more in the middle
than at the left border... :-?

> I recommend in the 'input' window, you use "add" and "done" rather than
> "ok" and "cancel" as the button choices. I feel like I shouldn't have to
> "cancel" unless I made a wrong choice somewhere.

Okay, you're right...

> In the 'asking words...' dialog, clicking the "1. Language" box at the
> top makes me guess the first language while the second one is given, *not*
> the second while the first is given, as the little yellow description of
> that window indicates. This is an easy patch.

Ooops. The bubbles have gone wrong.

> bash-2.01$ qvocab
> chainPtr: 0x80a9c10
> FATAL: No matching entry found in changearray()

> This wasn't repeatable, though.

Mmmh. No, I cannot corroborate... I've fixed some small bugs in the
meantime. So please use qvocab-0.20.3pre5.tar.gz for testing. I'll add a
link to the newest development version to the home page.

> Another feature that would be useful would be reverting to the state the db
> had when I started. (Or, it would be useful to manually  save the db).

That's a nice idea, I'll try to implement it...

> Which leads me to another feature request: how do I grab words, or
> groups of words or even whole levels, and move them to a different
> level?

At the moment you can only move those single words you're asked. Another
option is moving words you didn't know to a special db.
I wanted to implement something like a list widget where you can select
words to move or print, but I haven't found a proper widget within qt.
KDE offers a KTabListBox widget and I already pondered a KDE port. I
discarded it again and began to feel more sympathetic towards gtk but I
won't be able spend the time for learning this new widget set until the end
of June. In the meantime I'm determined to keep qvocab as it is now with
only small enhancements and to improve its stability before porting it
to gtk. So, please test it and tell me about your experiences. I'm always
open to new suggestions but if they require too much changes to essential
parts of qvocab I will have to delay them until I can spend more time
on the project.

> And finally, what is that binary file format you have? Have you considered
> using ascii?

Yes, I have, but ASCII would entail a speed breakdown since I have to give
up fixed size records. Yet you can convert a .qvo file and save it to a
MySQL database (or use a MySQL database for qvocab in general). There
is also a program that dumps the content of the database to stdout. The
fields are separated with \0's so if you know what format you want to
convert to, it should be easy to write a program that reads from this
pipe and writes the data to the format you wish...

> It looks good overall, though there were a couple of unrepeatable seg
> faults that felt like they were due to the newer version of qt. I'll let
> you know if I track them further.

Unfortunately I don't think that the segfault you're talking about is
related to the qt version  :-(

I'll also have a look at it.
You can pass the --with-debug option to the configure script in order
to get more debug output.

Thanks a lot for your bugreport, there could be more like this one.
If you've tested the new pre-release (or if I don't hear anything again ;-)
I'll announce it once again on freshmeat with the new URL.


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