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SEUL or SEUL-edu Logo

I have recently added a LOGO image as a link for Linux In The Classroom  (http://www.thestuph.com/litc/) from the Linux Educational Needs Posting Pages. (http://www.slip.net/~brk/linuxedpp.htm).

What I have noticed is an almost even count of pepole leaving my page to go there, and almost none clicking over to SEUL-edu, even though the links are next to each other.

This could be for a number of reasons.  The two that jump out at me are they just arrived from the SEUL-edu page, or the image is so attractive, people cannot resist.  I think it's the image personally.

Is there a possibility of creating an image which is attractive?

Bill Ries-Knight

Intelligence is the ability to discern.
Instinct is the ability to react.
Insight is Intelligence applied to Instinct.