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Re: Educational Free Software

Fredrik Liljegren wrote:
> > Odile Benassy, Hilaire Fernandes, and Mauricio Rivera to take a
> > look at it. Odile is working on the Promath project, Hilaire is
> > developing Dr Geo, and Mauricio is helping Micah Yoder develop a
> > Derive-like math program for Linux.
> Are these projects on this list or do they have separate lists?
> (I am reading the archives, but haven't come thru december yet..)
They're all associated with SEUL in some way or another.  Promath and Dr
Geo are housed on SEUL servers and have links on the seul-edu projects
page.  The Derive-like math program isn't ready for public viewing, as I
understand it, but when it is we'll link to it also.  All three are
discussed on this mailing list.

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