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Re: Educational Free Software

On Sun, 11 Apr 1999 21:34:52 +0200, Fredrik Liljegren <eof@hem.utfors.se> wrote:
> My name is Fredrik Liljegren.  I recently started up a project for writing free
> educational software and texts about computers for learning purposes. 
> Apparently I hadn't looked around enough, 'cause I didn't know about seul-edu.
> I don't know if we'll join seul-edu or just work side by side.
> We have two programs currently developing, and some ideas and maybe programmers
> for a couple of more.

We certainly welcome you to the seul-edu mailing list!  If you'd like to merge 
your project with seul-edu we'll happily oblige; if you'd rather stay separate 
we'll be happy to provide a link to your site.  We're mainly concerned that all 
the people interested in educational software for Linux have a place to go for 
discussion and announcement of what they're doing rather than working quietly 
by themselves unknown to others.

I haven't had a chance to look at your expmath yet, but you may want to ask our 
Odile Benassy, Hilaire Fernandes, and Mauricio Rivera to take a look at it.  
Odile is working on the Promath project, Hilaire is developing Dr Geo, and 
Mauricio is helping Micah Yoder develop a Derive-like math program for Linux.  
I'm sure they'd appreciate your insights on their work too.

Your reading and writing program brings Roman Suzi's QZB project to mind.  QZB 
development is currently paused due to Roman's busy schedule, but you might 
take a look at it to see if there's any points of similarity where you might 
be able to benefit each other.  And Bruno Vernier's EDUML could be quite 
useful to your program too.

As I say, welcome!

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