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Educational Free Software


My name is Fredrik Liljegren.  I recently started up a project for writing free
educational software and texts about computers for learning purposes. 
Apparently I hadn't looked around enough, 'cause I didn't know about seul-edu.

I don't know if we'll join seul-edu or just work side by side.

We have two programs currently developing, and some ideas and maybe programmers
for a couple of more.  We aim at both textual and graphical interface (CDK and
GTK, without connecting directly to a specific desktop enviroment) and
internationalization, since both the programs on the site are made by
swedish-speaking.  When the two programs on the web-page have their next stable
point I'll let all interrested know (this list I presume?).

I'd be glad to discuss the thoughts about my expmath-program, as well as
everything else on the site (address below).

Thank you for the word,
Educational Free Software - http://hem.fyristorg.com/edufs/