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Re: GNuclid

On Sun, 11 Apr 1999 21:31:43 +0800, Hilaire Fernandes <hillaire.fernandes@iname.com> wrote:
> Jim Fowler is the author of Gnuclid an interactive geometry project
> using Gnome (More on the gnome home page).
> I've invited him to join the seul/edu mailing list and presenting his
> work.
> I've suggested him we could share XML specification for interactive
> geometry sofware (Gnuclid, Dr Geo).
> Unfortunately I can't evaluate Gnuclid but from the author it is in
> early development stage.
Wonderful!  Thank you, Hilaire.  I wasn't aware of GNUclid; I'm glad you invited him to join us.  I'd really like to make seul-edu a forum where _everyone_ interested in educational applications for Linux comes to announce and discuss their work.

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