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Re: Educational Free Software

> the people interested in educational software for Linux have a
> place to go for discussion and announcement of what they're doing
> rather than working quietly by themselves unknown to others.

It's just too bad you're under seul on every link-list; searching for
education or school didn't get me to you earlier..

> I haven't had a chance to look at your expmath yet, but you may

The program itself doesn't do much yet, allthough it's developing
rather fast at the moment.  I'd sure like comments on the idea
though.. I'll elaborate the description some day soon, so that more
than the most abstract is understandable...

> Odile Benassy, Hilaire Fernandes, and Mauricio Rivera to take a
> look at it. Odile is working on the Promath project, Hilaire is
> developing Dr Geo, and Mauricio is helping Micah Yoder develop a
> Derive-like math program for Linux.

Are these projects on this list or do they have separate lists?
(I am reading the archives, but haven't come thru december yet..)

> I'm sure they'd appreciate your insights on their work too.  Your
> reading and writing program brings Roman Suzi's QZB project to
> mind.  QZB development is currently paused due to Roman's busy
> schedule, but you might take a look at it to see if there's any
> points of similarity where you might be able to benefit each
> other.  And Bruno Vernier's EDUML could be quite useful to your
> program too.

I sure will look at all the programs on your project-list.

I've seen you're talkning about using XML a lot.  I'll use it for
configuration and making new tasks...

> As I say, welcome!

Thank you!

Educational Free Software - http://hem.fyristorg.com/edufs/