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There was some talk about making a separate distribution, or making
some kind of add-on..

Allthough a cd containing all additional programs and instructions
for use in schools is quite good, I think we should aim at getting
all the programs into the standard distributions.  To make it really
available and distinguishable in a normal large distribution, a
collection of all edu-howto's and a ONE package wich can make certain
setup-changes, that can put up a link to the collected documents and
a pointer to the web-site, that can describe all the software
available in the distribution from an educators point of view, in
certain sections and so on.
  Here comes in what was requested, an organisation of the software
list, with categories fitting a teacher.  If you're a teacher for a
class of 7-year old kids, you should be able to se a list of programs
and ideas of how to use them for that group. If you're a physics
teacher for kids between 12 and 15, you should se pointers to
programs fitting those needs.  All this in a single package in a
normal distribution.

As for the war of different distributions, there are now one named
mandrake also, a red hat-clone aiming at having much preconfigured,
easy to install.. www.linuxmandrake.org I think... (or com?)... They
also plan to make a distribution using debian-packages..

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