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Re: Distribution

One nice thing regarding the Mandrake distribution is that you can
download an image file of the whole install CD.  This is a bootable disk
therefore once you burn the copy you are ready to install the
distribution as long as your computer can boot off CDs.  I hope this
idea catches on in the linux world.  The only drawback of this is the
file size is rather large ( >500 MB ), therefore a fast internet
connection is beneficial.

Fredrik Liljegren wrote:
> There was some talk about making a separate distribution, or making
> some kind of add-on..
> Allthough a cd containing all additional programs and instructions
> for use in schools is quite good, I think we should aim at getting
> all the programs into the standard distributions.  To make it really
> available and distinguishable in a normal large distribution, a
> collection of all edu-howto's and a ONE package wich can make certain
> setup-changes, that can put up a link to the collected documents and
> a pointer to the web-site, that can describe all the software
> available in the distribution from an educators point of view, in
> certain sections and so on.
>   Here comes in what was requested, an organisation of the software
> list, with categories fitting a teacher.  If you're a teacher for a
> class of 7-year old kids, you should be able to se a list of programs
> and ideas of how to use them for that group. If you're a physics
> teacher for kids between 12 and 15, you should se pointers to
> programs fitting those needs.  All this in a single package in a
> normal distribution.
> As for the war of different distributions, there are now one named
> mandrake also, a red hat-clone aiming at having much preconfigured,
> easy to install.. www.linuxmandrake.org I think... (or com?)... They
> also plan to make a distribution using debian-packages..
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