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Re: Simplified UI

>> There has been some talk about creating a kind of simplified UI fir
>Students learn from each other quite a bit with computers -- more 
>so than most other subjects.  If the environment is different for 
>different students it could hinder that, e.g., a student who figures 
>out a way to use some tool might not be able to share it with their 
>neighbor, because their neighbor doesn't have access to that tool.

You're right.. I didn't think of that.

>I think it would make more sense to advance a group of students 
>all together at the teachers discression (i.e., without any 
>automated testing).

Or, maybe, the children will learn how to add things on their menu
theirselves.  That is, at first they have a standard menu, designed
for their age and so, and when a teacher wants to introduce another
program, s/he instructs the pupil how to add it on the menu.  That
way, they will control the system themselves, managing their own menu
and desktop.  When a friend, maybe an older friend, talks about a
program they don't have on their menu, they can manage to add it
themselves, or with a little help.
  Is that too optimistic?

>  Also, I don't think permissions would need to 
>be used -- the different environments should be meant to direct the 
>students, not limit them.  So a menu for younger children might not 
>include difficult tools, but if they find a way to run them anyway 

Again, you're right.  My primary thought is that if it can be done
using the ordinary system instead of a special program, that's better.

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