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Re: Word processor - LyX

>> fonts, making layout by hand etc.  In LyX, you CAN'T (easily) do that
>> by hand, you'll just have to use the definitions of "title",
>> "paragraph", "emphasis" etc.  I think that's a great program for
>> children from, say, 10 years..  KLyX is graphically nicer, but
>> requires kde-libs..
>I think a normal word processor would be easier for a young user.  
>A structured word processor, like LyX, requires thinking about 
>writing in an abstract way -- paragraphs, titles, etc. -- while a 
>normal word processor is much more concrete -- an enter makes a 
>verticle space, two of them make two verticle spaces, etc.  The 
>interaction (keys, fonts, etc) have a direct relation to the visual 

Yes, I realize that, for the youngest.  I've taught simple word
processing to 8-year old kids, and I think that IF they start at that
age, then maybe 10 years old is a good age to start with LyX kind of
formatting, maybe even earlier.  That kind of formatting is present
in many other word processors too, like abiword, but I think a
completely consequent processor like LyX would be more pedagogical.

Now, of course, it could be frustrating to use LyX, not being able to
format the text the way you expect to.. In time, you have to learn
when to use wich kind, but seing the result of a latex-formatted
text, looking just like a book or scientific article, is a motivator.

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