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Re: Word processor - LyX

> Yes, I realize that, for the youngest.  I've taught simple word
> processing to 8-year old kids, and I think that IF they start at that
> age, then maybe 10 years old is a good age to start with LyX kind of
> formatting, maybe even earlier.  That kind of formatting is present
> in many other word processors too, like abiword, but I think a
> completely consequent processor like LyX would be more pedagogical.

MS-Word has that stuff too, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone 
actually use it.  Given the choice a concrete interface is generally 
prefered -- only after working on something large for a while does 
structured word processing seem inviting.  Or if you are trying to 
make something portable to a variety of contexts, like HTML.

So the need for structured word processing is not very immediate 
or direct for the younger student -- or even for most pre-graduate-
level college students.

I wonder if it would be best to start with a good HTML editor (i.e., 
one that doesn't try to look just like a word-processor).  It has a 
natural appeal to students, making web pages and all.  At the 
same time, it could help a student think about writing in a 
structured way.  Are there any good, Free HTML editors?  I've this 
sneaking suspicion there aren't, programmers caring to write raw 
HTML most of the time.  I do believe Mozilla is supposed to include 
an editor though -- if it's like the current Netscape editor (and I'd 
imagine it is) it looks more like a word processor than is 

> Now, of course, it could be frustrating to use LyX, not being able to
> format the text the way you expect to.. In time, you have to learn
> when to use wich kind, but seing the result of a latex-formatted
> text, looking just like a book or scientific article, is a motivator.

LyX is neat.  Part of me wishes that LyX could be the word 
processor for everyone -- if not now, somewhere in its future 

Ian Bicking <bickiia@earlham.edu>