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Re: Status of k12admin project

I would be interested in the package.  Please let us know when it is

Thanks for your work.


Tonnesen Steve wrote:
> The past week or two I've been working on cleaning up the k12admin code to
> make it easier to setup and use.  I'm hoping to have something to
> distribute within the next week or two.  My main problem is that the
> system was originally developed to administer accounts on an NT setup and
> the code for communicating with the NT servers is still littered all over
> the place so I'm trying to consolidate all of the NT-specific stuff in one
> subroutine so it can be easily removed for those who don't need it
> (hopefully, everybody <grin>).
> Can I get a private email from people who were interested in getting a
> copy of k12admin?  Having a list of names will probably motivate me to
> work a bit faster.  :)
> Steve Tonnesen.
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