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Re: How about an inter-project project?


My name is Vincent Konieczek.
I'm a french student and I'm involved in a work group, in GUILDE, a french
association dedicated to Linux.
Maybe you know it by Hilaire Fernandes ...
As we grow and grow, we are organizing some work group and i'm in one
involved in education.

"Odile Bénassy" wrote:

> Well, it is not going to be an easy thing to actually get open content
> material for our tools (especially when they are not ready, like mine).
> For us this is all very exciting job, and full of suspense, but for the
> poor "normal teachers", who do not want to work until exhaustion (like
> Bill does) ?

I'm currently looking for contents too and I have contacted some other
associations involved in education. They had some "freeware" software
developped for Windows ... and maybe we will try to develop the best of them
for Linux ... It's not open content but quite ... If we help the developpers
to use Linux and to work and develop for it, it would be open content.
( I hope I understand open content like you )

> At least in France, teachers do not want to change their habits, and you
> can understand, because they rely on their preceding years' job, and
> students are exhausting anyway.

Not right for Grenoble, the town where I 'm living !
I had some contact with a lot of teachers who are interested to change their
habit ...
With the french project concerning Internet (all schools will be connected to
Internet), they had some money to buy computers and on this computers, they
asked to have a partition of 1Mo to install Linux ...

> Yet how ?
> In France, only one thing works: administrative directives :-(

Even administratives can be interested in Linux ... You can believe me ...
A little town near Grenoble wants to be completely on the Net ... with the
help of Linux ...

I have followed this mailing-list only for two or three weeks, so I don't
really know all of you and I don't know what are your developpement means.
The only thing I could say follow.
If you want to make some templates to help you for future developpement, you
probably need a template graphical interface that could be dynamic. You would
have a standard interface you don't need to redevelop and teachers would be
used to.
I'm not sure it would be a good thing to "template" the other part of the
program .. it depends on what you mean by templates ... because you would
have a lot of work to develop it and a lot to debug ...
With lighter developpement, you could achieve better results ... but you can
use standardized way of developping ...

Eleve ingenieur a l'ENSIMAG - 2eme annee
                              option "Systeme et Reseau"
Email: vincent.konieczek@ensimag.imag.fr