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Re: How about an inter-project project?

Vincent KONIECZEK wrote:
> I'm currently looking for contents too and I have contacted some other
> associations involved in education. They had some "freeware" software
> developped for Windows ... and maybe we will try to develop the best of them
> for Linux ... It's not open content but quite ... If we help the developpers
> to use Linux and to work and develop for it, it would be open content.
> ( I hope I understand open content like you )
By open content we generally mean that it is licensed under the GPL
license if it is executable computer programs, or under the GPL or OPL
(OpenContent Public License--http://www.opencontent.org) if it
isn't--documentation, reviews, etc.

> I have followed this mailing-list only for two or three weeks, so I don't
> really know all of you and I don't know what are your developpement means.

We're not highly structured.  We're more of a meeting place where
questions about using Linux in the field of education can be raised and
debated.  If there is some development then we can provide space and
tools for the development of actual code, and some of our members may
agree to help with the development (we encourage that), but we don't
have resources of programmers that we can centrally allocate to various

> If you want to make some templates to help you for future developpement, you
> probably need a template graphical interface that could be dynamic. You would
> have a standard interface you don't need to redevelop and teachers would be
> used to.
> I'm not sure it would be a good thing to "template" the other part of the
> program .. it depends on what you mean by templates ... because you would
> have a lot of work to develop it and a lot to debug ...
> With lighter developpement, you could achieve better results ... but you can
> use standardized way of developping ...
I think we're using the word template differently here.  I meant that we
could devise a process for easily and successfully developing
educational applications that we could then use for developing yet more
applications, rather than a kind of interface guideline for software.  I
agree with you (I think) that we shouldn't try to force programs
developed with the help of seul-edu into one specific form or another.

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