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Re: How about an inter-project project?

Doug Loss wrote:

> By open content we generally mean that it is licensed under the GPL
> license if it is executable computer programs, or under the GPL or OPL
> (OpenContent Public License--http://www.opencontent.org) if it
> isn't--documentation, reviews, etc.

Ok .. That's how I understand it ... But I had never heard about OPL before ... or
I didn't pay enough attention to it.

>  we don't have resources of programmers that we can centrally allocate to
> various
> efforts.

Our group was created a few weeks ago ... We are still organising ourselves, but
we are starting our action next week ...
We begin to work on two main axis :
- formation : how to use and adminitrate Linux
- development

As we are starting, we are a few developpers available, with no project, and I
proposed them to find some to work on, to create softwares we can add to
distributions we can then give to the teachers ...

> I think we're using the word template differently here.  I meant that we
> could devise a process for easily and successfully developing
> educational applications that we could then use for developing yet more
> applications, rather than a kind of interface guideline for software.

Ok ...
As I'm french and a student, some notions are different between us but it's not
really a problem, i think ...
Only if we are not aware of it.
(In fact, i'm working on "templates" that look different from yours)

To end with this, we could be interested in such a project. It really could help
each other, and it would be great if we could develop something interesting on
that subject. I think it would be a good thing for both of us.

For those who can read french texts, this is the URL of our site :

Eleve ingenieur a l'ENSIMAG - 2eme annee
                              option "Systeme et Reseau"
Email: vincent.konieczek@ensimag.imag.fr