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Re: How about an inter-project project?

Vincent KONIECZEK wrote:
> As we are starting, we are a few developpers available, with no project, and I
> proposed them to find some to work on, to create softwares we can add to
> distributions we can then give to the teachers ...
Three ideas suggest themselves to me.  One, take a look at our projects
page <http://www.seul.org/edu/projects.html> and find a project that
looks interesting, then contact the project leader and offer to help. 
Two, consider the projects that are listed as discussion, concept, or
design.  These haven't had any code development done yet, so you would
be free to go inwhatever direction you and the project leader decide. 
Three, find some niche that needs software and start your own project
for it (we'll be happy to list it and help with website, mailing list,
and CVS services if you desire).  If you go with two or three, please
consider Bruno Vernier's EDUML work as part of your project.  I think it
has great potential for being the "glue" with which we can tie all of
our offerings into a coherent environment for schools.

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