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Re: How about an inter-project project?

> I think your best bet is to contact Hilaire Fernandes and see if he has
> any suggestions, as he has probably seen the most use of Dr Geo to
> date.  You should also get a copy of Dr Geo, install it, and familiarize
> yourself with its capabilities.  I would think that the order in which
> geometrical concepts are presented is pretty well agreed upon (I'm no
> math teacher), so an outline for the text can be roughed out and
> exercises using Dr Geo can be planned.  As you gain experience with the
> program, the exercises and the text can be refined together.  If you
> present drafts of the work at each step of the way I'm sure you will get
> cogent suggestions from seul-edu members.  How does that sound for an
> off-the-top-of-my-head working plan?
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Excellent, I'll get right on it! Thanks.

jeff elkner