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Re: How about an inter-project project?

> > I just spoke to one of our math teachers.  She is a future Linux
> > enthusiast;) and was open to the idea of working with Dr Geo and
> > developing course materials.  I think that Geometry is an excellent
> > idea, because it lends itself to computer aided discovery learning.
> > I am willing and eager to work on this, so if anyone has ideas as to
> > how to proceed, let's get going.
Dr Geo is a tool to explore and observe Geometric property. I've used it
with my student to allow them to discover/feel geometric property. As a
post Dr Geo work I sometime ask them to write the mathematic property
they discover (without proof).
Also I've find Lyx is the excellent complement for the teacher to Dr Geo
to prépare worksheet for Dr Geo work seance.
I hope a xfig figure format may appear soon as one volonteer has taken
this job. This will allow to use Dr Geo to prepare figure for worksheet.

> I think your best bet is to contact Hilaire Fernandes and see if he has
> any suggestions, as he has probably seen the most use of Dr Geo to
> date.  You should also get a copy of Dr Geo, install it, and familiarize
> yourself with its capabilities.  I would think that the order in which
> geometrical concepts are presented is pretty well agreed upon (I'm no
> math teacher), so an outline for the text can be roughed out and
> exercises using Dr Geo can be planned.  As you gain experience with the
> program, the exercises and the text can be refined together.  If you
> present drafts of the work at each step of the way I'm sure you will get
> cogent suggestions from seul-edu members.  How does that sound for an
> off-the-top-of-my-head working plan?

If you have problems with the source only distribution I can build a
binary version (for gtk 1.2)

Hilaire Fernandes 
Dr Geo project http://www.drgeo.seul.org