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RE: [seul-edu] ISO evals

If we take this stand, we may have to take it for everything.  If it
requires Java 2, then it is out, if it has a non-commercial license,
then it is also out.  This will eliminate most of the Java apps, and
eliminate other applications such as GAP and xephem.

The plus side is that anyone who is not familiar with educational
software for Linux will not know that they are only getting 70 free apps
versus the 100+ free/non-free apps that we had originally.


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I think it pretty much comes down to this:

1) We don't have much time, at least before NECC.
2) Why should we promote/elevate non-free software to the level of free
3) Do we have the right to distribute it via SEUL/Edu website?
4) Can it be distributed via a general mirror site?
5) Do we have to show a license agreement to the user before installing
it, like using it for only non-commercial purposes?
6) Can we just make CDs or have other people make CDs and hand them out
like candy?

For this release, it will be so much easier for us to walk the line and
say it is only includable if it is free.