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Re: [seul-edu] ISO evals

Darryl Palmer wrote:
If we take this stand, we may have to take it for everything.  If it
requires Java 2, then it is out, if it has a non-commercial license,
then it is also out.  This will eliminate most of the Java apps, and
eliminate other applications such as GAP and xephem.
Xephem states you can't do anything with their source other than build and run Xephem. Bummer for such a nice program. I would guess it might not be free to redistribute either.

GAP attempts to restrict copying, modification, and redistribution to non commercial purposes.

Imagine a student business project, (FBLA or JA), trying to sell free software CD's including the Schoolforge ISO. Cheapbytes may not be able to sell copies of the Schoolforge ISO with something like GAP or Xephem on it either.

So decide what's more important. Maximum exposure via freedom, or trying to include the currently best software packages for all particular purposes.

- cameron