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Re: [seul-edu] ISO evals

>.... but I'd hate to see good, useful educational software that we 
>  have permission to distribute be avoided for philosophical reasons 
>without our having examined our reasoning closely enough.

Some thoughts:
What's wrong with avoiding something for philosophical reasons? You just
prioritize 'philosophical' above 'practical', for example.
The reasons for avoiding closed source are very practical as we in our
school have experienced a few times. Without knowing the tiniest bit about
code, we could ask someone to change a program. We could even pay him
because we saved on buying closed source.
> ... do we require all packages to meet Debian standards for inclusion, ....
It's important for a software community which is so loosely connected to
stick to certain standards. There are always 'many very good reasons' to
set a standard aside. There is mostly 'only one good reason' to stick to
it: standarization. It has OSS made great. 

My 2 Eurocents.
Kind regards,
Dirk Schouten
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