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[seul-edu] FW: [suse-linux-uk-schools] New resource (school's oriented Helpdesk solution)

Apologies for the cross-posting! For the none-UK readers, an LEA is a
district or collection of schools, normally managed at city or council
level. As an example, Manchester LEA covers 180 schools.



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Subject: [suse-linux-uk-schools] New resource (school's oriented Helpdesk


We are currently paying (peanuts!) for the development of a school
helpdesk system. While primarily for managing IT issues, it has been
designed to
allow for other types of request, such as admin assistance and site
repair requests. It's also built to deal invisibly (from user perspective)
multiple sites (we support 9 schools from here) and could easily scale
to an entire LEA. And before you get discouraged, the demo etc. is here:


As it understands multiple sites, this will continue to be the demo
server after it goes live (in  2 weeks), so the knowledge base will
become very useful.

GPL, of course...

All feature requests email the developer, but please CC me on (bit of a
pet project this one...)