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[seul-edu] New Educational Applications

Name: District DNA

Description: District DNA is an open source District and School Administrative System. It is written using Borland’s Delphi RAD environment and using the Firebird open source database as its back end. The client portion runs on Win32 environments (Windows 2000 or above) recommended. The backend (Firebird) run on any Firebird compliant system (Windows, Linux etc). I use Linux at my school district.

The software covers district information, school information, student information, employee information, grades, course scheduling, master schedule, attendance, discipline, awards, activities, medical records, SST, 504 plans, alumni, advisory committees, competency based education, Special Education (state of Massachusetts USA only), state reporting (state of Massachusetts USA), student parking permits, staff parking permits etc. It is very high performance (scheduling for 1200 students about 30 seconds).
 It is licensed under the open software licence 1.1

Author: James Smyth

Homepage: www.districtdna.com

License: Unknown

Category: Administrative