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[seul-edu] New Educational Applications

Name: Probity Filtered Proxy Server

Description: Imagine schools and non-profits being able to afford reliable, fast, custom, clean internet access free of things such as violenece and pornography. Probity sets out to make that possible for such organiztions. Probity is a proxy filter library designed for mainly non-profits and schools, but can be used by anyone. This project is in inital planning. The filter is being designed to filter web, chat and file transfer protocols. Based upon the LGPL license, a Redhat RPM, and being a complete package allow it to be easily used by schools and non-profits of all kinds. This ensures that the project is open source, availble to commercial efforts, protected from commercial efforts, supports a popular linux distribution and can make things easy for places such as schools to set it up.

Author: W.C. Richards

Homepage: http://www.nongnu.org/probity

License: GNU Public License

Category: Administrative