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[seul-edu] New Educational Applications

Name: Project LRNJ

Description: The goal of Project LRNJ is to create an entertaining console-style RPG which teaches Japanese. Slime Forest is the first release: a demo of the battle system using graphics from the upcoming katakana adventure and a training set of 1000 kanji. Its main purpose is to gather data and feedback on compatibility and effectiveness.

Author: Darrell of Boswa

Homepage: http://lrnj.com/

License: Unknown

Category: Edugames 

Name: Diet Monger Ass Kicker

Description: Diet Monger Ass Kicker is a program for designing diets to your own specifications. It allows nutrients and foods to be sorted and foods to be filtered. Calculations are made according to specified minimums and maximums, and using data from SR15. 

Author: Jerry Story

Homepage: http://home.edmc.net/~jstory/dmak_details.html

License: Unknown

Category: Other