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Re: Invitation to visit Disney Imagineering

> >> The HyperStudio Journal closed its doors in anger over the issue,
> >> and the community around it could be in for some troubled times.
> >
> > It been said, "Where there's change, there's opportunity." Perhaps this is an
> > opportunity to involve the HyperStudio community in the open software movement, since
> > they have just seen what can happen with proprietary software.
> >
> I think this is an important point.  Ian, if you have any input to the 
> HyperStudio community, invite them to look in on both Squeak and on seul-edu, 
> and mention that we're looking to get HyperStudio-like capabilities in an open 
> source, cross-platform application and that we're hoping to get input from the 
> users of such applications on what to include and how to present various 
> possibilities within the constraints of Squeak.  You might also mention that 
> we're not tied to Squeak but are interested in any authoring tools that can 
> meet these requirements.

My only experience with the HyperStudio community is having read 
some websites and mailing list archives in the last couple days.  
I'm trying to bring myself up to speed on it, but I can't claim any 
connection.  So, I guess I'm a little reluctant to just jump in and 
suggest defection.  But, I suppose now would be the time... and 
Squeak does offer cross-platform capability, with most of these 
people using (faithfully) their Macs.  (Bringing up two kinds of 
defection at once seems like asking for too much trouble :-)

I guess I'll send out an email... I'll get back to y'all on the response.

Ian Bicking <bickiia@earlham.edu>