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Re: Thrilling Linux Promath eductaional program

>    I found it some time ago, I do not know who wrote it but it was not
>Perhaps somebody had it as C exercise, the whole code as 8kByte.
>   Before you start laugh, it was tested with a group of children (2) 
- my
>son and daughter and they were absolutely drawn into the game. It did
>matter that id does not have any GUI at all - that made it look more
>Shortly, they are not able to focus their attention to any other game
>such a long time.

I got stuck working with kids using Apple IIs for a while, and it really
didn't matter.  They didn't seem to care or notice the primitive
graphics and simple games.  And even if they needed floppies, it wasn't
any worse than handing out CDs.

So I'd agree -- making an edutainment game can be very simple and still
effective.  Cloning some of those Apple II games would be quite easy.

  -- Ian