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Re: Thrilling Linux Promath eductaional program

On Mon, 2 Aug 1999 bickiia@earlham.edu wrote:

> I got stuck working with kids using Apple IIs for a while, and it really
> didn't matter.  They didn't seem to care or notice the primitive
> graphics and simple games.  And even if they needed floppies, it wasn't
> any worse than handing out CDs.
> So I'd agree -- making an edutainment game can be very simple and still
> effective.  Cloning some of those Apple II games would be quite easy.

I wonder if we might be able to find a way to emulate (remember, we are on
486s and up usualy) and apple IIe, and use a disk image (ram disk?) for
the programs.

This would alowe schools to use the current inventory of apple IIe

The school I am working with (linux lab, K-5, Corbett Elementary School,
Tucson AZ, www.corbettschool.org (page is not up yet) still has a bunch of
apple IIe computers in the classroom.

A lot of these programs were sitelicensed years ago.

> -- Ian