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Re: Thrilling Linux Promath eductaional program

bickiia@earlham.edu wrote:
> >I wonder if we might be able to find a way to emulate (remember, we are
> on
> >486s and up usualy) and apple IIe, and use a disk image (ram disk?) for
> >the programs.
> >
> >This would alowe schools to use the current inventory of apple IIe
> >programs.

> Freshmeat lists one Apple II emulator on their emulator page
> <http://www.freshmeat.net/appindex/x11/emulators.html>, KEGS:
>   http://www2.crosswinds.net/san-jose/~kentd/kegs/
> If we had subject pages (like computer languages, authoring tools,
> etc.), it would make sense to make one for emulators too.  I've never
> been patient enough to get through all the annoyances of emulators (ROM
> images, boot files, disk images...), so I haven't even got dosemu to
> work.  Others have been more successful, I imagine.
This is worth thinking about.  I know of four Apple II emulators for
Linux--KEGS (mentioned above), Apple ][ emulator for Linux:


ProDOS emulator (which emulates a //e):


XGS (emulates a //gs):


We could add in Basilisk, Executor and vMac for Macintosh emulation, and
Bochs, Wine, and dosemu for Microsoft.  I've also seen arcem, a
"register level emulator of the Acorn Archimedes A4x0 system."  Marshal,
would this possibly run Topologika programs directly?

We should also put up something about getting info from those various
systems to Linux.

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