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Re: Thrilling Linux Promath eductaional program

Doug Loss wrote:

> This is worth thinking about.  I know of four Apple II emulators for
> Linux--KEGS (mentioned above), Apple ][ emulator for Linux:
> <ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux/Incoming/apple2-emul-v005-linux.tar.gz>
> ProDOS emulator (which emulates a //e):
> <ftp://apple2.caltech.edu/pub/apple2/emulators/prodosemu.v0.1.tar.gz>
> XGS (emulates a //gs):
> <http://www.jurai.org/~funaho/emulators/XGS/>
> We could add in Basilisk, Executor and vMac for Macintosh emulation, and
> Bochs, Wine, and dosemu for Microsoft.  I've also seen arcem, a
> "register level emulator of the Acorn Archimedes A4x0 system."  Marshal,
> would this possibly run Topologika programs directly?

If the emulator emulates all swi calls provided by RiscOS then I see no reason
why some of the programs couldn't run. However, I think some of Top programs
us Acorns Basic which usually resides in ROM. RiscOS itself resides in ROM
also. So I don't know how this would work without using ROM images. Then
there'd be copyright issues.

Then you'd have to deal with fonts and other issues. Acorn's hold the screen
memory in physical RAM for example. When I've written animation routines in
the past, I've accessed screen and other bits directly in assembler for
optimal speed. I doubt an emulator would cope with that very well. I expect a
lot of Acorn programs do some pretty dirty things that an emulator would not
cope with.

Do you have a URL for the Acorn emulator?