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Re: Mission Statement

>For Bob's mission statement, something like this would probably do:
>"Seul-edu is intended for discussion about using Linux for educational


I think we should be more assertive than "discussion"...
seul-edu@seul.org is for discussion, seul-edu's mission is to
implementent and coordinate whatever is necessary to make Linux useful
in an educational environment, and to directly assist and encourage
people to use Linux in this function.  I.e., we want to make Linux
useful in education, then evangelize and support its use.  I don't know
if anyone's talked about the support part yet, but I think that's a
natural extension of the other parts.

>For the "about seul-edu," something more like this:
>"Seul-edu is intended for discussion about using Linux for educational

>purposes.  These purposes include using Linux for student machines in
>school computer labs (primarily kindergarten through grade 12), using
>Linux for faculty and staff use in K12 schools, using Linux for network

>file, print, and application servers on K12 school networks, and using

>Linux for educational purposes on home computers.  If present
>applications meet these needs we find them and publicize their
>availability; if there aren't any available applications in specific
>areas we help develop the needed programs."

It probably shouldn't say K12, because those are US terms.  I can't
think of the right term, though... it's there somewhere.

>This sounds like the beginnings of the manifesto I mentioned above. 
>Ian, do you have the time to write this out and give us something to
>around?  I'm leaving for vacation on Friday (and I probably won't be
>able to check seul-edu more than a few times over the following two
>weeks), or I'd take a crack at it.

Sure, I can try to give it some more organization (which is sorely

  -- Ian