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Re: Let me introduce myself.

Robert Hopcroft wrote:
Petr Vicherek wrote:

>      Therefore I am interesting in proliferating Linux, but more
> that that I am focused on a quality curriculum and the most effective
> methods of conducting instruction. I am looking for very simple
> and effective software that cat take most of my load, so that
> I do not have to devote personal attention to several children at
> once. The software that I need would simply:
>     * Generate new exercises
>     * Asses the general correctness of results
>  I would gladly help with developing an effective curriculum and
> with progressing towards consice software for homeschoolers.

Hi Petr, It sounds like you might be interested in Odile's Promath
project. See http://cran.mit.edu/~ob/promath..html. I have been trying
to put together a web page containing the current state of the project.
Since I'm also trying to learn HTML, it makes it quite interesting.


  Yes, I surely would be interested. Unfortunately, there is probably
some type in your URL, please can you double check it?

   This is what i am getting there:

File Not Found

The requested URL /~ob/promath..html was not found on this server.

                                                    Petr Vicherek

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