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Re: SquishDot

> Both sides have good points, on this one. I agree that squishdot looks kind
> of neat, but I'm also hesitant to jump into the 'portal' fray just because

   I agree.  I've followed and used Squishdot since its original
announcement on the Zope mailing list, but I'm not sure if it exactly
fits what SEUL-EDU needs.  Squishdot is slick, but my big knock against
using it for conversations is that it doesn't function off-line.  IMHO,
the best tools for group conversations need to have the capacity for
off-line use.  News is great for this, E-Mail works too, but something
web based doesn't.

   If SEUL-EDU's objective is to disseminate news, then Squishdot's made
to order.  Just be aware that some people won't be able to participate
as much as possible if it's intended to replace, for example, this
mailing list.